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IT SUCKS. I got it today. The finish is much worse than the SAR-1, the stock set has quite a few dents and the scope looks used and I don't think is the original Romanian one because the elevation dials are in English???
NO hard shell case as advertised. I am very dissapointed with AIM. I did ask very polite to send me a decent rifle even at extra cost. What a joke. Well,I guess there is always something new to learn: NEVER BUY AGAIN FROM AIM. On top of the $800 I paid, now I need to completly refinish it. Does not make any sense to waste more money returning it. First time I get burned using the internet order.

Bornfree, Have you ever seen one of these rifles before? The reason I ask is they all have less than perfect stock finishes and the metal finish on Romanian rifles is not very good. I think you didn't get a worse than usual rifle, you just got a typical example of what a Romak 3 is.
I have looked at at least a dozen of them up close and personal and they have never impressed me as being worth the money. Hell they're just an AK on steroids.

Personally I think they shouldn't be a dime over $500 with the scope. Speaking of scopes you got one designed for American export, not a surplus military scope. Don't blame AIM for that. Blame the exporter / the rifle makers. Century Arms imports all these rifles and has nothing to do with the way they are fitted out either. So, I'm not flaming you here, just trying to let you know you didn't get screwed by AIM. I always post a thumbs down on Romak 3's because of what I've already shared in this post. Your next disapointment is that it's going to shoot 2 to 3 inch groups at 100 yds. Sorry, . . . . really no kidding around! If you talk to Brian at AIM you might get a them to take it back and get a refund. Not sure if they have a restocking fee. You might be able to swap it out on ammo or something of equal value to what you paid.

I took my Romak3 to the range last weekend and did manage to compare it to my SAR's (1 and 3) and did feel it was a little better in finish...but not much. Schuetzenman is right that compared to most rifles they aren't finished very well. I believe the Romanians haven't mastered the art of varnish yet and seem to coat everything in about 4 times the amount needed.
Does the scope have a compartment for a battery? If so it's probably a Russian, "real" Romo scopes won't. I do believe these are overpriced also. My Saiga 308 cost half as much and does about the same in accuracy, but they do make a statement at the range and tend to attract alot more attention (good for the ego). I guess one pays for the mean look of a military gun.
I wouldn't be happy if I recieved the rifle without a case, though, as it's clearly marked on the webpage as being sold with one. Could your Dealer have "forgotten" to give it to you (some do tend to remove extra's)? At least call AIM to see if they will send those parts they owe you. I too have been very happy with AIM's customer service and have never had a problem out of them. Call Brian, he'll do you right (to echo the statement made by a few others already).
I personally do get 1 inch groups out of mine if I shoot surplus Czech silver tips, keeping groups to 3 shots and trying really hard. I have modified mine by installing a Hungarian double hook trigger/hammer (much lighter and smoother) and a Russian military 6x dual rangfinder scope. I think if you play around with it you'll find a load it likes and it should shoot much better than a normal AK. It's fun having a weapon that will put the shots right where you want them (well within a inch maybe-Smile).

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Mine, which is better finished than my SAR's, is also a 1999 (probably on par with a Romak-2). I see no weld marks on the pins either. This is rather strange. I have to say buying guns sight-unseen is not my cup of tea also. If I can't pick them up I have a hard time ordering.

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Short Version: With my Romak-3 using surplus Russian silvertip ammo I could consistently hit an 18" gong at 600yds. The trigger needs work but can be smoothed to a crisp 4-lb break. Recoil is suprisingly mild for so powerful a cartridge. The thin barrel tends to heat causing groups to open up. The rangefinder & elevation turret on scope are *very* easy to use. For the same price you could buy a budget .308 boltgun that would outshoot the Romak-3 but I don't think you're going to find a semi-auto w/scope that will shoot as well.

Ethiopian psl

The following is from past posts on


What do you guys think? The found my SSG-97 ROMAK-3 really accurate(5/8 inch groups 100 yards). 10 round capacity and heavy caliber. It is a good sniper rifle and Main Battle Rifle. With the scope you can make pretty long shots which is good considering how thin the barrel is and that it is non-free floating. I did do my own custom trigger job and my custom semi free float job along with a glass job on the hand gurds. I honed the gas tube and reamed the muzzle brake and now I can get 3/4 or less groups. You also can take off the scope and you have a good MBR. Some people look down on the 10 round mag saying it is too small but I would rather have a 10 rounds of 7.62 54R than 30 rounds of .223 or 9mm. Anyone agree or have one they like to shoot?

I have had my ROMAK-3 for around 2 years now and still love the gun. Made the mistake of letting my wife shoot it though. Now I rarely get to shoot it. Cant wait to try the Wolf 148grn ammo in it.
I took a little wood out of the lower handguard on mine also and saw instant results. These are great guns for the money.


They are great rifles and people are missing out. I have heard a lot of people talk bad about it but they must not have ever shot one themselves. Everyone who shoots mine tries to buy it from me. I always say no but have done work on their Romak's when they finaly buy one.

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I just wish the $800 price was a few bucks less. You can buy a Vepr II chambered for .308 for about $200 less. Its kinda hard to pay $200 more for a Romanian. I'm not saying it isn't worth it. It may well be a better gun, but I think that is what keeps the popularity down.


From:Atlanta, GA, USA

I just got a Red Star Arms adjustable trigger for mine but have not installed it. They have some nice Romak-3 pictures in their gallery. Thanks for the idea of removing some wood from inside the handguards!


I agree with you -ss. They should import a .308 version. And don't get me started on the Vepr .308! I think it is the best new production rifle made bar none and also a hell of a deal. I saw one at the range and was impressed. I can't wait to get my hands on one and see if I can get more accuracy out of it. Then I think I'll tease the M1A shooters with my rifle that cost two times LESS. ha ha ha ha Just kidding the M1A is a great rifle but aren't all MBR's?

From:The "Lone Star" state, C.S.A

Something I've wondered about in the past - can a different buttstock be fitted on the Romak 3?

From:Fabulous Hayward

5/8 inch groups? That's almost unbelievable. Was that a 3 shot or a 5 shot group? What kind of ammo were you using? How long did you wait between shots? I've never heard of this rifle being that accurate and most I've observed were getting 2.5 MOA. Those rifles of course didn't have all the mods yours had.
Stocks: Yes. Try the Advanced Technologies stock. It's longer and has a built in cheek piece. You just have to remove a little plastic where it meets up with the receiver.


The 5/8 groups were 3 shot groups and I was using a 6 power scope. I don't know maybe the rifles you saw were different but the ones I have shot were acurate, but you do need good ammo. Hand loaded is the best but real Russian sniper ammo in great so is Norma and the new Winchester ammo. If you use standard FMJ ammo in a M21 you will get crapy results too.

From:Pacific north west

Well, mine shoots 1" groups at 100 meters, 8x42 PSO scope, three shot group with Czech silvertip, prone supported. That is, if I do my part. 2 liter plastic soda bottles are in danger at 300 meters. It's also worth replacing the rear sight with a windage adjustable RPK rear sight for iron sight shooting.

I think it is a fine Designated Marksman Rifle, like the SVD. I don't consider it a Main Battle Rifle or a true "sniper" rifle. It wasn't designed as such. It was designed to support infantry at the 400-700 meter range and is well suited to this role.
Will it work as a MBR? Sure, but not as well as rifles designed from the get-go as a MBR. Will it do anything in the role of MBR that a M1 Garand won't do? Not really...and both are hindered by magazine capacity.
There's a fundamental difference in philosophy between the West and the East when it comes to the role of the sniper. In the Eastern-bloc countries, the sniper supports the infantry squad by engaging targets that are too far out for the AK. Rapid target acquisition and fast follow up shots are important. This led to the adoption of the semi-auto and the use of low power scopes(wider field of view = faster target acquisition and faster follow up shots).
In the West, the sniper is a two-man team. They kill selected targets and get the hell out. They are as much a psychological weapon as a physical weapon. The emphasis is on long range accuracy. This led to the adoption of bolt action rifles with heavy barrels and high power optics. The relatively slow rate of fire led to the spotter being equipped with an accurate semi-auto to fill the gap left by having a boltgun.

More comments from around the Net:

Well today I actually punched some paper which I normally don't do.........I have to say I am actually impressed with the Romak-3 for what it is.................spent a little time dialing in at 100 yrds with some 1964 Czech Silver Tip 147 gr ...........low right first mag, little scope adjust and right can pull easily inch groups at 100 with a 4x power.........I ordered a 8x42 PSOP....should be here this week and will stretch out the distance for my blind ass...........went out shootin with CM today and we had a blast............I bet he will tell you the SSG-97 is worth every all of you thinking of getting one, do it. You wont regret I did a side by side with CM's Tiger , I have to say the Tiger is alot nicer rifle by far....but for kewlness factor on a budget, somewhat accurate and way sexy for under a grand.....................SSG all the way ........will post up when 8x42 comes in and will get some target pics of groups at different ranges..............and to all you Tiger owners, I envy you, those are some really nice rifles........saw and shot my first today, courtesy of CM .................sure aint your grand daddy's Garand!!!

1)Romak 3 Range Report: Finally had a chance today to do some serious shooting with my Romak 3 that I picked-up from AIM a couple weeks ago. I am kind of disappointed but encouraged also. I shot about 60 rounds of reloads firing surplus BLC2 ball powder with surplus. 308 FMJBT 147grain bullets (I'm frugal/cheap, what can I say?). I luv the PSO-1 4x scope but with no crosshairs it's not a target scope (IMO) and that along with the 4x scope makes target shooting all but impossible. I used 9" paper plates at 100 meters and rapid fire. I could get 2.5 inch groups (8 round group fired) all day long but its hard to hold the same point of aim from shot to shot because of the 4x scope. The good news is that my groups were about the same size at 75 yards. My reloads had about the same performance as the Russian surplus ammo('46 headstamp). The creep in the trigger is very noticeable when firing from the bench but I don't think it's the main cause to the only fair accuracy, again I blame my lack of ability and 4X scope. Slow fire (30-45 seconds between shots) I got about 2.25" groups per 5 shots. My next move is to reload the brass with flat based 150gr. bullets and IMR 4895. Then I have a big decision, do I get the 8X POSP for about $125 or just be happy with the sharpshooter accuracy of this "package"? In almost all the 5 shot groups, 3 of the bullet holes were at least touching or better with 1 or 2 flyers that threw the whole group off. Good news, mount holds perfect zero when removed and first shot from cold barrel hits to point of aim unlike my SVT 40. Quality of resolution, ect. is on a par with my Leopold so I do plan to buy Russian made scopes in the future.

2)You must remember that the 7.62x54R uses a .311 bullet and the western 7.62 NATO or 308 Winchester use a. 308 bullet..Try to get .311 bullets that are primarily for the 303 British from Speer, Sierra, or Hornady and see what kind of results you get with that.

3)This rifle likes the Wolf 148g stuff. Conditions - windless evening, 80F, clear. Twice I placed a 3 shot group within the 1" bull at 100 yds after sight adjustment (following the insructions for calibrating the drums on the scope). Yes, more magnification helps to fix a repeatable aimpoint. Then I moved to 200 yds. and dialed in "2" on the drum - easily hit the 5" dia. gongs one after the other. The dialed in "3" and hit the 10" gongs repeatedly by simply placing the inverted V tip on the gong center. Then I dialed back to the "1.5" mark, went back to the 100yd range and again punched out the bull in 3 shots. At that point I was extremely satisfied with this rifle and scope combo, especially for the fact that the scope was so repeatable when reverting back to shorter range (100yd) from the longer ranges. Needless to say I'm a bit puzzled by some of the negative comments about this rifle - I've had no malfunctions of any kind and the performance is in my opinion almost extraordinary. But again I must say that I have only used the 148gr Wolf ammo (which is only $5.95/20 locally). The guys at the range are also impressed by how far it ejects the brass (about 15' high and 30' to the right rear), much less its very "dramatic" appearance. So, my advice is please try the 148gr Wolf ammo or equivalent (this rifle is not intended to shoot heavy bullets in the 200gr class) and also I think you'd be happier with the 8x scope for target work. I reload also but don't see the point given the performance with the 148gr Wolf ammo.

D) I have a "Tiger" Dragunov and a PSL (Romak 3). So far, the PSL wins the accuracy race easily. The factory target I received with my PSL was a four or five shot group measuring .7 inches. I've been able to duplicate that a couple of times at 100 meters using Albanian light ball ammo. My Tiger just won't shoot as well no matter what I use in it. The PSL, IMO, is the most "fun" gun to shoot that I own. I just added a POSP 8x42 scope to it and it makes precise aiming a bit easier.

M) My ROMAK is a cumbersome, uncomfortable, badass looking gun, that is also very accurate. I was shooting mine today w/bipod, and missing the target during sight in, however I managed to knock down 6 cans w/7 shots at 100+ yrds. Didn't put a hole in one of them, but left ground scrapes under every one of them. IT'S NOT THE GUN! Practice is everything.

A range report with pictures on AK Files.