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Black Horse Arsenal PSL

Want this look for your Romanian PSL rifle? DSM Lab LLC sold a kit to adapt the Russian (or Chinese) Dragunov hand guards to fit your Romanian PSL rifle. They also offer a rear butt stock made from a real Russian SVD polymer stock and modified by Black Horse Arsenal to fit the PSL receiver.

Black Horse Arsenal PSL stock set

The polymer butt stock is made by Black Horse Arsenal.

This particular version is adjustable for length of pull. There is a locking lever on the bottom of the stock that locks the stock in position.

Black Horse Arsenal

The lower hand guard has a slightly changed gripping surface that allows for a more comfortable hold with the supporting hand.

Black Horse Arsenal Stock

Black Horse Arsenal Inc. stock marking.

PSL Butt Stock screw

To install the butt stock first remove the Romanian wood stock.

PSL stock screw

The PSL butt stock is held in place with two screws on the rear tang. The rear screw has an unusual flat nut on the inside of the thumbhole stock that must be secured while unscrewing the bolt.

Black Horse Arsenal PSL stock screw

There are two small slots on either side of the bolt hole. A special tool was probably used at the Romanian factory to secure this nut. You can use a small screw driver or punch inserted in one of the slots to keep it from moving while unscrewing from the other end.

Black Horse Arsenal Stock screw

The Black Horse Arsenal butt stock is attached with one hex bolt by the cheek pad and another coming up from the bottom of the pistol grip.

Black Horse Arsenal PSL stock

The same wrench used to adjust the length of the stock is also used to install the stock bolts.

PSL receiver holePSL grip screw holePSL butt stock grip hole

Many PSLs do not have the pistol grip bolt hole already drilled in the bottom of the receiver. There was a change in design of the wooden butt stocks at some point and that hole was eliminated. I simply put a screw driver through the hole and used it to scratch a spot on the receiver to drill the hole.

Black Horse Arsenal Butt Stock PSL

Far left photo shows the scratched spot to drill. Photo on right shows the new pistol grip bolt running through the hole, confirming it will fit.

Black Horse Arsenal PSL butt plate

The recessed hex nut in the butt plate is what is rotated to move the stock in or out. Black Horse Arsenal includes a high-quality Allen wrench to rotate the stock adjuster bolt.

Black Horse Arsenal PSL Stock extended

Butt stock extended and locking lever open. Once you have your preferred length of pull, simply flip the lever up to lock the stock in place. The leather covered cheek pad also rotates to different positions just like on the SVD version. The "up" position is for shooting with the scope. It will also lock in the "down" position for shooting with the iron sights, a very nice design update that eliminates the need to remove the cheek pad from the stock just to use the iron sights.

Rhineland arms logo

Rhineland Arms Stock

Another option for a PSL stock upgrade are the nice custom wood stocks from Rhineland Arms. Rhineland Arms is producing a new stock for the PSL series rifles. They offer stocks made of solid American walnut or double layer Tiger maple. This stock set is the Tiger Maple and it comes unfinished with an extra block of wood for testing your stain samples.

Rhineland Arms Stock

The Rhineland Arms stock features include an adjustable check rest, rubber recoil pad and contoured  forearm for a more comfortable grip. The cheek rest is made of a medium-hard rubber as is the recoil pad which helps absorb recoil. It is also not as slippery as the steel butt pad so it is more secure on your shoulder.

Rhineland Arms PSL stock

The cheek rest has 1" of adjustability and it is locked in place with two steel knobs. The forearm has two threaded inserts for a sling swivel or bipod mounting. 

Rhineland Arms PSL stock

The stock is longer for a length of pull increased to 15.25 inches but it can be reduced to 14" by cutting back the wood.

Rhineland Arms PSL butt stock

The standard PSL butt stock is resting on top of the Rhineland Arms stock showing the difference in length plus the thicker grip.

Rhineland Arms PSL buttstock

A steel rod is provided that you insert into the butt stock. This allows an anchor point to your military sling.

Rhineland Arms Buttstock

The stock also features a threaded insert for attaching a swivel on the bottom if you prefer not to use the military sling.

Rhineland Arms PSL stock stain

Minwax makes a stain called "Gunstock" #231. The color has more red in it than the original Romanian finish. The color will darken with more coats of stain. Next step is to coat it with tung oil to give it a satin matte finish.

Rhineland Arms

Stock is finished with two coats of Tung oil. This can be further rubbed out for a smooth satin finish or left alone for a more "grippy" texture. The figure in the Tiger Maple had great depth and was present in most of the wood surfaces.

PSL with Rhineland Arms stock

The tiger stripe effect is very nice on the Rhineland Arms stock. Installation was straight forward.

Rhineland Arms stock

The butt stock is actually more secure than the original due to the improved mounting hardware.

Rhineland Arms is in the process of designing a shorter butt stock that will feature a butt plate adjustable for length.

Rhineland Arms stock

Only the upper hand guard needed some slight sanding to fit perfectly.

Rhineland SVD hand guards

Rhineland Arms now offers a new option for that SVD look on the Romanian PSL. A one-piece hand guard mimics the look of the SVD vented hand guard. This is the Tiger Stripe Maple stained with Minwax and then two coats of tung oil. Tung oil gives a very durable protective coating that is non-toxic so as the gas tube heats up it will not emit dangerous fumes.

Rhineland PSL rifle

Installation is easier than the two-piece stock and only required minor sanding of the inner channel to ensure there was no contact with the barrel.

Rhineland Arms SVD stock

You will need to modify the gas tube by cutting the upper hand guard retainers off. Buy a spare tube (about $30) and keep your original one so you can retrofit back to your old stock. There is a cut-out to clear your military sling hook.

Rhineland Arms

The lower hand guard with the two anchor screw holes for a sling swivel and bipod stud.